It’s unfortunate so many continue to miss the mark on what voters truly wanted in November when they cast their vote in support of Question 2, the Stand Up for Students initiative. Despite intense opposition to Question 2 from Gov. LePage, former Gov. John Baldacci, this newspaper and other newspapers around the state, voters in Maine approved the initiative. In fact, Question 2 garnered more votes than either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Almost 384,000 voters in Maine supported Question 2.

The Portland Press Herald (Our View, March 21) sees the passage of Question 2 as a mandate to fully fund our local schools, but refuses to recognize the popularity and support for a 3 percent surcharge on the wealthiest Mainers. Question 2 wasn’t just about funding schools – it was also about tax fairness.

At a time of intense economic inequality in Maine, there is no better way to address these issues than asking the wealthiest earners to pay a little more to fund educational opportunities for our students. We need better-funded schools, but we also need a tax code that isn’t rigged to benefit those at the top. The 3 percent surcharge is now law, and these funds are dedicated to support our public schools.

Failing to appropriately fund our schools creates more pressure on local communities forced to make up the state’s shortfall by increasing property taxes. This needs to stop, and can stop if the state does what voters demanded in November.

The ballot language was clear; Question 2 was the shortest on the ballot. There was no ambiguity or confusion. Voters are not stupid and they are not uninformed. Now is the time to finally honor the will of the voters. Legislators and the Press Herald shouldn’t attempt to reinterpret the results of the election with a revisionist theory.

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