We loved reading the column by The humble Farmer (aka Robert Skoglund) about young mariners in days gone by (“Maine’s old men and the sea were once young men at sea,” March 18). His reminiscences of stories told by his relatives and other St. George residents remind us of the awesome power of the sea and the courage required of our forebears who sailed it.

Mr. Skoglund notes that his column was prompted by a letter from the nonprofit St. George Community Sailing Foundation announcing our summer sailing program. While the experience of learning to sail with us is considerably tamer than the life that Mr. Skoglund describes, our young people do acquire skills in sailing and seamanship, as well as self-confidence, that serve them well throughout their lives.

Whether one can “raise the cash” should not be a deterrent. Scholarships are available for St. George residents, and we strive to never turn away a sailor for lack of funds. Our goal is to get as many children out on the water as possible so they can experience this demanding and exhilarating sport – and continue a Maine maritime tradition while they are at it.

Steve Lindsay

president, St. George Community Sailing Foundation

Tenants Harbor