The gift of love is an education in itself. Eleanor Roosevelt

A new spring is born. Although, on March 20, we still have a snow’s covering, all of nature feels the rhythm of the season that stirs new life in creation. Spring will not stay secret. The clear, golden sunlight of a spring day heightens the magic of the times. The golden dawn explodes.

We are eager to shed the weariness of late winter, especially this year, and embrace the renewing spirit of spring. In the springtime natural beauty is accompanied by an exalted spiritual state.

Easter belongs with spring. Together they are a miracle granting us wisdom, patience, zeal for salvation and prayer. The Lord proved to us his love for mankind by suffering Himself to be crucified on the cross. Jesus was a man of deep thought. A man of meditation, a heart of contemplation. A man who spent hours under the fig tree reflecting on the mysteries of life. What an amazing ride lifting our eyes to heaven. And the more we understand the magnificence of God’s majesty.

Easter wants to visit a man’s soul. This holy season is for us to live in an ocean of love, sweetness, joy, amazement and wonder. How great is Jesus love for us. He took on human nature and was hanged upon the cross. He endured the cross for us: He was naked in front of a mob; His side was pieced by a sword; His head was pricked by a crown of thorns; His lips embittered by vinegar and gall; His back was scrounged; His feet were nailed; His heart ached with insolence but he gave us freedom and paid off our debt to His heavenly father.

The Easter season is a time for thinking and doing something about our spiritual life and the spiritual life of the church that is, prayer, fasting, Holy confession, communion and having an endless Pascha with the angels. The Greeks use the terms “Pascha” and “Lambri” interchangeably with “Easter,” the “Pascha” is from the Hebrew word for “Passover,” referring to the Jewish holiday celebrating the deliverance of the Jews from slavery in Egypt. Christ was crucified during this holiday season.

For Christians the Passover is deliverance from death of life. “Lambri” (Bright) describes the brilliant light of the resurrected Christ.

The Great Vespers of Agape (God’s Love) takes place on Easter Sunday, encouraging love, forgiveness, and reconciliation: “…let us embrace one another. Let us brothers and sisters, forgive all things to those who hate us…”

The Greek Orthodox literally feast on Easter Sunday. Even the church calls Pascha the most important feast day of the year, the Feast of Feast, the Festival of Festivals. The joyous day of Easter—a day of happiness, love, and delicious smells and taste finally arrives after the arduous journey through the Triodion. The Triodion (consisting of Pre-Lent, Great Lent, Holy Week) Easter, and Bright Week.

Participation in the traditions and customs over the entire period can give the Easter celebration profound meaning.  

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