The story of the Russian hacking has me frustrated. In my opinion, the Russians deserve an award from the people of the United States for protecting our system of electing presidents.

They released information regarding cheating by the Democratic National Committee, through WikiLeaks, that attempted to let the American people know what the DNC was doing to win the election. Much of this information confirmed what had previously been released by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action videotapes. So, there are two independent sources.

No major news organization in the United States will touch the information, preferring to refer to it as “embarrassing to the Hillary Clinton campaign” or just as “information released by the Russians,” thus making the issue the whistleblower and not the criminals.

Credible evidence exists that Democratic operatives with ties to the Clinton campaign were involved in, among other things, hiring thugs to incite violence at Trump rallies during the primaries and coordinating with independent political action committees in violation of the law.

These are serious allegations that need to be investigated, and the people who were involved need to be jailed. The crime is not the Russians releasing the information, but the media and politicians covering up serious crimes that if left unpunished will destroy our way of government.

Please contact the Maine congressional delegation and ask them to push for an independent investigation of the Russian hacking and the crimes revealed by the hacking. The American people deserve the truth about what went on during the last election and need action to protect the integrity of our system. In addition, please contact the media to let them know that you expect them to cover stories that affect the integrity of our system of government.

Thomas Osborne