I was pleased to see the content of the press conference regarding the collaboration happening between Biddeford, Saco and the University of New England.

People like Jim Godbout and organizations like the Rotary’s Red Ribbon Committee have done a great job raising awareness along with providing young the sense of purpose that often keeps people from using drugs.

My belief is that a sustainable approach to tackling this crisis is going to require multiple approaches. I believe the introduction of a full time, knowledgeable liaison along with cooperation between departments will be another “leg on the stool.”

I’m eager to see the fruit of the labor from organizations such as the Biddeford Fire Department and the York County Sheriff Office. As all of these efforts come together to tackle different pieces of the challenge, I believe we will be well positioned to make the most of additional resources that will hopefully come from both the State and Federal Government.

Kudos, this is great progress.

Matthew Lauzon