Gallery 44, located at 44 Forest Ave. in Portland, is featuring the work of artist James Graham.

Graham will show his Bunganuc Series, a mash-up of Maine’s coastal landscape with the vast Plains landscape of his South Dakota youth.

“Graham’s paintings walk the line between utopia and dystopia – simultaneously beautiful and terrifying,” according to a press release about the exhibit. “In his quest to create a true and transformative painting, he mulls society, the environment, and politics, eventually presenting us with an abstract, refracted representation of our messy and beautiful world.”

Graham’s abstract works feature the imagery of sun-dappled trees, orange and red fall leaves, fireflies in an August hayfield and the winter sun along a tree line. His lines are expressive and energetic, and search for ways to balance and activate the artworks.

The exhibit opened Friday and will run through May 31.

For more information about James Graham, call 650-6248 or go to