I wholeheartedly support L.D. 347, “An Act to Support Death With Dignity.”

I want the right to make my own decisions about my own life. I do not want that very personal decision to be assumed by the state. And I think every citizen of Maine should have that same right: either to fight, perhaps painfully, often prayerfully, to the bitter end before death, or to choose a quick and painless death. We do it sadly, lovingly and reasonably for a beloved pet. Don’t human beings deserve as much love and sympathy as my dog?

L.D. 347 is a cautious version of death with dignity bills, avoiding many of the fears that frightened citizens express about physician-assisted suicide. No way is it a slippery slope for murder!

In Oregon, and other states with physician-assisted suicide laws, many people do not actually use their prescribed pills. Knowing that they have the ability to decide for themselves has given them peace and security. I ask the Legislature: “Please give me that opportunity. Vote ‘yes’ for L.D. 347.”

Virginia Delano