The Trump administration is attempting to compel local jurisdictions to actively support federal immigration enforcement. Although our local officials, police and sheriff’s departments have no obligation under federal law to participate in this enforcement, a bill requiring such participation is being considered in our state Legislature: L.D. 366, “An Act to Ensure Compliance with Federal Immigration Law by State and Local Government Entities.”

In Portland, great effort has been put into building and maintaining good relations between the police and the community. If our police became enforcers of federal immigration laws, racial profiling would increase and police-community relations would be eroded. We need to be strengthening trust between our police force and the community it protects and supporting and protecting our neighbors being targeted by our government’s recent ominous actions.

Ask your state senators and representatives to oppose L.D. 366, and help make our state and city a more welcoming, safe and inclusive place to live.

Leslie Kaynor