Jennifer Elowitch, who helped found the Portland Chamber Music Festival in 1994 and serves as the organization’s artistic director, will step down in August 2018.

Elowitch’s planned move was announced Monday in a media release from Alice Kornhauser, the group’s executive director.

“By the time I step down, I will have brought my artistic vision to PCMF for 25 years,” Elowitch said in the release. “I have always hoped that the festival would continue beyond me, and I expect PCMF will benefit from a new and fresh artistic point of view. We are fortunate to be in excellent shape organizationally with a supportive board and staff, and that gives me lots of confidence to take this step.”

Elowitch, a violin player, founded the festival in 1994 with pianist Dena Levine and served as its executive director from 2004 through 2014. She will step down at the close of the festival’s 25th anniversary season.

Richard Kraut, president of PCMF’s board of directors, said in the release that the festival has evolved into “a cornerstone of Portland’s classical music landscape” because of Elowitch’s skill and efforts. The event brings nationally recognized artists to Portland to present a wide range of classical and contemporary chamber music, including education and engagement programs for community members of all ages. The festival has a five-concert summer season, plus year-round events.

The search for a new artist director is expected to take about a year, and Elowitch’s successor will be announced by the spring of 2018.

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