I’m tired of the hyperbole surrounding Donald Trump and his already-on-the-rocks presidency. Trump is not Hitler. He’s not Mussolini. He’s not even Franco or Pinochet.

The blatant cronyism. The shameless nepotism. The consistent refusals to release his tax returns or divest himself or his family of their murky personal financial interests. His refusal to spend his frequent off days at the venerable Camp David, instead extorting taxpayers for millions so he can golf at a Trump-branded resort in Florida. His unprecedented requirement that the first lady and his young son stay at the Trump-branded luxury hotel in New York instead of the people’s house.

Any of those things should bring outrage from anyone who even vaguely understands or values frugality and transparency in government. Now add to all that the as-yet-unknown but strongly hinted-at links between Trump, his loyalists and the gangster cabal that now controls Russia, with designs on controlling much more.

No, President Trump is not a fascist tyrant. He’s just another corrupt kleptocrat down there with “Papa Doc” Duvalier, Fulgencio Batista and Ferdinand Marcos. What an inexcusable shame all of this has been and will continue to be for this great nation.

Jeremy Smith

Old Orchard Beach