ST. JOHNSBURY, Vt. — A Vermont woman accused of shoplifting said she just had a snake under her shirt and showed police a small boa constrictor – but a pat-down and a security video led to an arrest.

Police say they stopped 25-year-old Krystin Sue Curschmann of Hardwick in the store parking lot in St. Johnsbury.

The Caledonian Record reports that police said when asked whether she took anything, Curschmann said she had a snake under her shirt, hence the reason that it appeared she was hiding something. She showed the officer a small boa constrictor wrapped up in a blanket under her shirt.

She was taken into custody on an outstanding arrest warrant. During a pat-down, police found two lighters in her pocket. They said security video showed Curschmann taking them.

Curschmann said she took them, but forgot to pay for them. She faces retail theft charges.