John Kerry said they were gone, and Susan Rice reported a few months ago that all chemical weapons had been removed from the Syrian bases.

Well, we know that former Secretary of State Kerry is often out of touch with reality, and that Susan Rice is noted for being a serial prevaricator: Benghazi was caused by a video; Bowe Bergdahl is an American hero who served with distinction; she knew nothing about the unmasking of names in the Trump camp, and now, there are no weapons of mass destruction in Syria. Right.

For the past seven years, Barack Obama refused to enforce any military might, moral conviction or strategic leadership regarding Syria. Thousands died or were displaced due to his ignoring the “red line” that he promised would draw protective action from his administration. Mr. Obama was reticent, timid, always self-absorbed and, sadly, lacking in leadership abilities. The vacuum he created by doing nothing allowed the lions from the terrorist states to lunge forth.

Finally, we now have a president who has issued a “strong horse” response to the current atrocities that killed or maimed hundreds of Syrians by sarin gas. This attack killed innocents, among them tiny, helpless babies.

Syria’s violation of the Geneva Conventions demanded a response, and the Trump administration sent a clear message last week to Bashar Assad and the world that chemical attacks will not be tolerated. We should be grateful for our president’s quick action as he bravely took a moral stand in the face of this egregious act by a brutal dictator.

Elizabeth Printy


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