I’m reading an article about the big problem with arsenic in wells in many Maine communities (April 7). Rep. Karen Vachon has proposed L.D. 454, “An Act to Ensure Safe Drinking Water for Families in Maine.”

The problem is very simple to solve. Nestle Waters/Poland Spring pumps who knows how many millions of gallons of our Maine natural water source every day. Do they cut back when Mainers’ wells dry up in very dry conditions?

How about having Rep. Vachon propose a 1- or 2-cent surcharge on every gallon that Poland Spring takes out of the ground? That money could be used for repairs to the infrastructure that their big haulers beat up when hauling water down the roads in Maine. Maybe it could also help with expanding and upgrading water lines to some of these communities and providing well owners some kind of assistance with new filtering systems and testing.

Poland Spring is a good company and provides good jobs to Mainers. It’s time for it to give back and help with the Mainers’ water problems.

Pat Olore


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