In regard to the Portland Press Herald’s article (“Heart fails, then stroke of luck: Stranger nearby trained in CPR,” April 5) on the saving of my life through the CPR provided quickly by a member, Stewart Graham, and staff of the YMCA of Southern Maine on Forest Avenue in Portland, the response of two Portland fire-rescue units should not be overlooked.

The two fire-rescue units responded promptly and timely to the report of my collapse, and their actions were vital to my being alive to write this letter.

Lt. Ryan Walsh of Engine 311, acting on behalf of the rescue units, had the thoughtfulness to come by Maine Medical Center (to whom I also am thankful for the excellent care) in the days afterward to personally check on me, a consideration beyond the professionalism that saved me and a reflection of the commitment by the rescue units to their work. I thank a whole community who saved me.

Tom Bradley