I am writing to perhaps clarify my letter, which was published April 10, and the comments made about it by Jerry Genesio of Scarborough in his letter, published April 13.

First of all, my biggest problem with Angus King, besides his voting record in the U.S. Senate, is his running as and declaring himself an independent. I don’t agree with many of his positions, but I definitely respect his right to vote as he does. I respect anyone who is willing to serve this country in whatever ways they choose. I will state again: I think he is more a liberal Democrat than an independent.

My biggest problem with Mr. Genesio’s response was his wondering if I’d ever served in the military and stating that his brother had died in Vietnam.

I served in Vietnam from February 1967 to February 1968. I had just turned 19 when I was awakened by the sound of explosions and the cries of wounded and dying men. I will never forget that night! I went on later in life to serve over another 20 years in the Army and am now a proud member of the ranks of retired military service members.

I want to thank Mr. Genesio for his service to this great and wonderful country. I respect his differing opinions, and I am sure he is a patriotic citizen – but please, never question a person’s military service.

Again, I want to thank Mr. Genesio for his service and the editors of the Portland Press Herald for publishing our opinions.

Lou Napolitano