After reading Bill Nemitz’s April 13 column, I was left dumbfounded. I didn’t think our governor could go lower. Thanks for unveiling how he “helps” to get people off welfare.

Pardon a killer husky and refuse to pardon a woman (Sarah Whynaught) who has pulled herself up by her bootstraps?

I love dogs and once owned a husky. Mine was a predator as well – only of mice and birds, including my chickens, but I kept a very close eye on her in fear for the cats in my neighborhood as well.

I feel sad for Dakota the dog being condemned, particularly since her new owner didn’t know about the euthanization order. I also must note that Dakota escaped and went back to the scene of the crime to attempt another kill of a small dog. So, what made her deserving of a pardon and the woman who pulled herself up by her bootstraps unworthy?

Is the governor looking for a little “feel-good” publicity for himself with pardoning the dog?

Jan Strout