After a brief stint on television, Alex Jones started up a talk radio show in Austin, Texas, in 1996.

Jones frequently focused on conspiracy theories and alleged government plots, warning listeners of impending chaos and urging them to take action through resistance and preparation.

One of his first theories was that the government was behind the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 to neutralize states’ rights. More recently he has claimed that the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting was a hoax to get Americans to support tougher gun-control laws and a Washington, D.C., pizza restaurant was the site of a sex-abuse ring operated by Hillary Clinton and her campaign adviser John Podesta.

Jones has also established several website and has published a series of books and films.

The Southern Poverty Law Center characterizes Jones as “the most prolific conspiracy theorist in contemporary America.”

According to Texas Monthly, the Alex Jones Show is syndicated by more than 60 stations and heard weekly by 2 million listeners, while is websites reach millions more.

According to Forbe, Jones’s syndicated radio show, YouTube channel and documentaries netted revenue of about $1.5 million per year in 2010.