I’ve waited nine years for Adam Cote to make the announcement he recently made. Maine will be captivated by a Cote candidacy, and transformed once Adam is serving as its governor.

I know I have never had the pleasure of meeting a more decent and honorable individual. He’s consistent in his core values, but well aware of the wisdom inherent in compromise and consensus. I realize it’s unlikely I’ll always find myself in agreement with him, but I know I will never have to worry about Adam “doing the right thing.” Adam is also an incredibly empathetic person. He genuinely listens to people’s stories, hears and shares their concerns, and is determined to deliver meaningful change. It’s personal.

Adam will turn the page on divisive and toxic politics. The fact that he is not a career politician is an invaluable asset. Too many years spent in Augusta, or especially in Washington D.C, won’t produce the new vitality so urgently needed in Maine.

Adam brings a lifetime of service and a wealth of entrepreneurial experience to the table. This is an exciting and unique opportunity in 2017 when leadership is sorely lacking across the political divide. To be able to trust and have faith in a public servant is virtually unheard of now.

If we elect Adam Cote as our next governor, Paulina Cote will become Maine’s First Lady. Believe me, Paulina is Adam’s equal in every respect!

Come on Maine, let’s put the Cote family in the Blaine House.

Stephen McKay