I’m compelled to write this letter to bring attention to a growing problem in our state: Maine is becoming a haven for dangerous large-breed dogs.

Dogs weighing 50 pounds or more can do serious harm to both people and personal property. Dog attacks are on the rise. These large dogs are capable of causing serious bodily injury and even death, and property damage.

Case in point: Last summer, a small boy was attacked and killed right here in Corinna, Maine, by a pit bull mix. In another case, a man in Colorado was attacked and knocked from his bike by two dogs (apparently Great Dane mixes) and had to receive medical attention.

I could go on and on about cases, but that’s not getting us to the main problem: how to control and detour the rising numbers of these dogs from taking over our state. We need our state senators and representatives to sponsor a bill to try to curb this trend.

We need a law that imposes substantial fines for allowing dogs to run free. We need a law that forces the owners of these large dogs to carry insurance against damages caused by the dogs. We need to dramatically raise the licensing fees for dogs over 50 pounds to try to reduce the numbers of large-breed dogs. We need these dogs listed under the laws on lethal weapons and have all those laws in effect when another attack occurs.

Please write to your senators and representatives. Only through open debate can we formulate a strong and fair law to address this growing problem and protect ourselves from dangerous dogs.

Quinton King