There has been much discussion about the demand to move the “Fearless Girl” statue that now defiantly faces the “Charging Bull” sculpture in front of the New York Stock Exchange. If this comes to pass, we should plan an extensive itinerary for that brave girl.

For me, her first stop should be facing 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., the White House. This is for obvious reasons.

Next stop should be the headquarters of Fox News, where the occupants must be reminded that sweeping out two miscreants does not a housecleaning make.

A visit to Augusta, opposite the Blaine House, also seems to be necessary, at least before January 2019, when (I hope) the current occupant will have moved to Florida.

If we can get her a passport, a trip to Rome is in order, and a proper place facing St. Peter’s to confront the church’s vacillating stand on the protection of children and the failure to punish those who were responsible.

One more stop, back in Washington, in front of the Environmental Protection Agency, should be scheduled. She should remind our new leaders that more important than marginal economics is the health and future of our children.

I welcome more suggestions for places “Fearless Girl” should visit.

Michael Grunko

Chebeague Island