The successful interference by an enemy power of the United States in our 2016 elections should be the No. 1 priority for all Americans. Our nation’s basic founding principles are at risk. Several politicians of both parties are or were targeted. Speaking to the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Marco Rubio shared that he has clear evidence he was or is targeted.

Midcoast Maine Indivisible’s main purpose is to communicate with members of Congress about constituent concerns. Citizens are becoming more active and better informed about political issues than we have seen in decades. In this context, I am saddened at the response by Susan Collins and her staff. Efforts have been ongoing for months to meet with the senator; requests have been ignored or outright refused.

A town hall for Susan Collins was held in Thomaston on April 20. It was filled with concerned, caring citizens who asked thoughtful questions in an upbeat, orderly and respectful atmosphere. The town hall was like a living Norman Rockwell painting.

Susan Collins was not sitting in the red leather chair provided for her, with an American flag and a table with water nearby. However, the worst response was from her spokeswoman Annie Clark.

After Midcoast Maine Indivisible criticized the senator for requiring questions to be submitted in advance as a condition of the meeting, Clark told Village Soup, “We never asked for questions to be submitted in advance. Hard stop. Never happened,” and blamed Maine citizens for Susan Collins’ lack of response to their efforts.

For the record, I voted for Susan Collins. However, her behavior is making it increasingly difficult for me to support her in the future.

Penelope Ray