I read with great interest the article regarding Gov. LePage suing Maine Attorney General Janet Mills, alleging abuse of power. Actually, “abuse of power” is a rather mild description of Mills’ neglect of her duties. Let’s be clear: The only reason she is our attorney general is that she has a large “D” after her name. She is a Democrat, first and foremost.

She’s labored long and hard to deny anything Gov. LePage has tried to do. She even dug up some long-forgotten rule requiring him to get permission from some commission-that-never-meets before he could have a much-needed mental health facility built on state property in Augusta.

It did not matter that the rule had not been enforced for decades, or that the need was acute and worthy. And then, when criticized, she gets all cutesy and says she is just following the law. Yeah, right.

The fact of the matter is that Mills does not care one whit about the well-being of the people of Maine, the state of Maine or the United States. She cares only about the Democratic Party. She does whatever her political bosses tell her to do. She is a third-rater, a back-bencher, a dullard at the best of times.

To self-enforce the perception of her dim-wittedness, she writes political opinion pieces that are sometimes published in this newspaper. Any respectable attorney general, from any state, would generally have the good sense to keep political opinions to themselves while serving. Not our Mills. Remember, she is a Democrat first. Everything and everyone else are distant seconds.

She could dig herself out of this hole by resigning. That is the right thing to do. It’s never too late – go for it, Attorney General Mills.

Harry White