I see that the May 6 Another View guest editorial opposing the planned Maine Aqua Ventus wind project was written by Andrew Fenniman, a resident of Chamberlain. Most likely, many of his 125-plus fellow Friends of Muscongus Bay also have cottages overlooking Monhegan Island.

They say they are concerned about much more than just their scenic view. Yeah, right.

My ancestors settled on the Pemaquid peninsula two centuries ago and made a living by fishing, boat building, tending lighthouses and catering to the summer people from away. Most of them did not make enough money to ensure they could pass ocean property on to their descendants. I am sure they would applaud the University of Maine’s attempt to bring jobs and clean, inexpensive electricity to coastal Maine.

This is the second Another View objecting to the long-planned location. (The first, by David Fitch of Pemaquid, was published April 9.) Both were written by owners of what are probably expensive cottages with killer ocean views.

David Alexander