I am among many of Maine’s citizens who feel betrayed by the Natural Resources Council of Maine and other environmental groups that have rallied around a mining bill, L.D. 820, which allows the pollution of groundwater, inevitably leading to pollution of surface water.

What L.D. 820 does allow is shaft mining with monitoring wells 100′ away so that when the inevitable contamination occurs, it will be too late.

This does not prevent arsenic in our water, it only lets us know when it has occurred. And there is no “fix” when it happens.

L.D. 820 does nothing at all to address public health. The financial assurances in L.D. 820 only cover property damage, not sickness caused by the water and air pollution from an inevitable mining disaster. We need to stand up to the mining interests and the legislators who back them and say NO. Our health and our aquatic resources are too precious.

Kathy Cerick