Our “leadership” in government, banking and business, which includes health care, may be insulated from the cost of living that is rising across the board with no end, but most of us are not.

If they would like to see a reduction in foreclosures, crime, substance abuse, violence, mental health issues and those who need government assistance in order to pay the bills, then there needs to be decreases in rent price points, taxes, utilities, transportation, gas, fees and food.

We cannot afford any more increases in these areas for at least five years. Our “leaders” may say that is impossible, but they should either do it or they will continue to see more problems that will lead to the downfall of this state, thanks to the few who have set themselves up to profit from all this suffering, most of whom do not even live in this state.

To those who don’t care, I say: “Shame on you!”

Heather Fillebrown