Re: “Maine Voices: Let government fund health care and insurance run show” (May 13):

You can’t do that! The insurance consortium will siphon all the monies allocated, blaming medical costs and increasing the government’s budget every time, as in the metaphor of the camel’s nose under the tent.

The Republican agenda calls for privatizing everything. The premise of the column, as stated by its author, Benjamin J. Michaud, is “… When the free market cannot earn an appropriate return, it simply steps aside.”

It’s as if the corporations and Republicans are the smartest people in the room, while the government is dumbfounded or, at the most, there to serve the Republican oligarchy with military might, police and fire protection. The tail can’t wag the dog. If given the ongoing agenda to incorporate America, the corporation would do it all until we become the United States of Business, all hail.

Companies can pool their clout to get deals from the insurance companies in covering employees. If either a single-payer platform or even the Affordable Care Act subsidizes the employee instead, then corporations/companies don’t have the employee pool (quantity) to garner the insurance discount and in turn can’t offset (write off) company profit losses to the government (tax deductions).

To be fair, the only United today has coalesced to mean between the government and “co-boss,” the corporation, with top-down and blanket policy dominion, without real-time participation or solution from us lowly customers, employees and citizens other than “vote for someone else next time.” Not too far flung from colonial King George, but for today’s more palatable-sounding monikers than “subjects” and “vassals.”

Suggestively, we federalize recently minted medical personnel as public servants like teachers and the military, instead of enabling insurance companies with blank checks.

De-escalate the metastasis of the corporate kingdom.

William Capistran