During the recent campaign, I was alarmed with Donald Trump’s appeal. Since the election, I’ve been deeply troubled with the Trump presidency. I don’t believe I’m alone. I would venture to say the majority of the country and most of the world is holding its collective breath in anticipation of his next daily “questionable” remark and/or initiative. He is so unfit for office that it’s shocking to think it’s real.

Why Trump, and why now? For decades Democrats have neglected the middle class, instead cozying up to the moneyed interests of Wall Street and various special interest groups, resulting in working-class Democrats voting for Trump.

Going back further in time, too many Republican candidates and elected officials have devised strategies instilling fear, prejudice, conspiracies and/or misinformation in order to arouse anger, cynicism and anxiety among their followers. Many bought into this strategy and found their candidate in Trump.

Why is this situation critical now? Because we’re missing a key component of our constitutional framework: congressional checks and balances. As of now, only the courts and mainstream press are offering a “check and balance” to the administration. Sadly, Republicans in Congress appear willing to be apologists to Trump’s initiatives out of a desire to gain their long held political initiatives and/or fear of political retribution by Trump. Ironically many are the same Republicans, who questioned Trump’s fitness for office during the campaign.

Not to be an alarmist, but with Democrats in the minority in both houses of Congress and trying to figure out “what happened,” it’s imperative for congressional Republicans to put country before party and ideology.

It would be helpful if the Democrats did as well. I don’t know what the future holds, but if Republicans don’t show some courage, I fear for our country and the world that expects much from us.

Roger Beeley