FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Cornerback Malcolm Butler publicly addressed his busy offseason Thursday for the first time, noting he is fully committed to the New England Patriots in 2017 and can’t predict what will happen in the future.

“I’m here,” Butler said. “This is my team.”

Butler took the first cornerback reps in one-on-ones during organized team activities at Gillette Stadium, often lining up against wide receiver Brandin Cooks. Butler looked like the leader of the positional group again.

Butler is under contract for his $3.91 million tender in 2017. He is unquestionably interested in signing a long-term extension, but it’s unclear what type of contract the Patriots would have to offer to make that happen.

It’s also unclear if the Patriots would be willing to pay big money for Butler after doling out a five-year, $65 million pact for cornerback Stephon Gilmore in free agency.

Butler was surely perplexed over the Patriots’ deal for Gilmore because they didn’t offer a package that eclipsed the $7 million annual mark during their round of negotiations in 2016. A source indicated Butler would have accepted a deal in the neighborhood of $9.5 million per season.

But Butler quickly turned the page on the Gilmore deal, recognized the business element in play and separated business from football.

“We got a better player,” Butler said of the Gilmore addition. “We got another good player on this team. Anything to help the team, I’m down with.”

All the while, Butler visited with the Saints for two days in March, which was his right as a restricted free agent. The two sides agreed to a four-year contract that was north of $50 million, but it was only contingent upon a trade between the Patriots and Saints. The teams were never close in trade negotiations.

“The past is the past,” Butler said. “I’m just here to do a job and do anything to help the team win. Just moving forward. Whatever happens, happens.

“Just got to keep working. Ignore the noise and keep working no matter what. You’ve got a job to do no matter where you’re at. I’m glad to be here to do this job.”

Butler didn’t attend the first two weeks of voluntary workouts while handling a combination of personal and business matters.

His family organized a trip to Disneyland for his son’s birthday, and he had a Visa appearance during the draft.

Plus, all parties involved recognized the draft represented the line in the sand for Butler’s future. If he wasn’t traded by that point, it made sense to return to Gillette for the offseason workout program, and that’s how it played out.

“Most definitely, I wouldn’t have hurt anybody but myself if I missed this,” Butler said. “This is extra time to get better. That’s what I’m out here to do, to get better and have another great year. Anything to help the team, present a positive image.”

Now, Butler and Gilmore are working together to form one of the best cornerback tandems in the NFL.

Will it last beyond 2017? No one can say for sure, so Butler is handling his football responsibilities because he recognizes his job is on the field and not behind a desk.