Has anyone stepped back from our political lion’s den and pondered the media-driven hysteria’s adverse impact on our daily lives? I didn’t think so.

As a country, the vast majority do not watch the news or read the newspaper. They either are too busy navigating their harried lives or purposely avoid the news. The latter group tuned out decades ago after realizing they were being lied to.

Meanwhile, the real story never gets told. Our government is corrupt. Our politicians get rich and no one seems to care how. Harry Reid may be worth as much as $6.5 million and has rarely worked outside of government.

Federal programs waste billions and line the pockets of their benefactors. Some illegal aliens get free health care and driver’s licenses. Lobbyists freely bribe members of Congress, either directly or in kind. Winning the next election always trumps doing the right thing. The media report the slant on the news that maximizes profits and promotes their narrative. The truth is irrelevant.

When will citizens rise up and demand specific tangible actions to rid this country of corruption? So far, it seems that will happen only when it’s too late. The election of Donald Trump to the presidency still could be the inflection point this country so desperately needs. But if his supporters don’t stand up and defend their candidate, the swamp he’s trying to drain will engulf him instead.

Geoffrey Emanuel