Re: “Maine’s mortgage lending industry in midst of big changes” (May 21):

Having originated mortgages for almost 30 years here in Maine, through thick and thin, my company objects to the subject article, which appears to us to be a “fluff” piece in favor of certain mortgage lenders:

 Your estimation of market share of banks versus non-bank lenders is inaccurate because it does not take into account all the loans closed by mortgage brokers. The loans we originate do not close in our own name but in the names of the many secondary market lenders who purchase the loans from us, even though brokerages originate a great deal of loans.

 A Google or Yelp search of Maine mortgage brokers will reveal that First Portland Mortgage Corp. comes up first, after the paid ad positions.

• The reasons that informed shoppers prefer dealing with a mortgage brokerage are our low rates, local service and greater array of programs. Contrary to Bangor Savings’ statement to the Telegram, the “widget” 30-year mortgage they sell is today being offered on their website at one-quarter percent higher interest rate than ours. Residential Mortgage Services doesn’t even post their rates on their site. Rocket Mortgage’s APR is also almost one-quarter percent higher than ours.

• Loan officers at brokerages are more stringently regulated than those at banks, giving our customers more peace of mind.

• First Portland Mortgage Corp. has been offering an online application platform just like Rocket Mortgage, but with lower rates and local service, for years. It is called Blink because of the speed of applying.

• Since we began our business, First Portland Mortgage Corp. has donated to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland, which offers the less affluent an opportunity to own their own home.

All mortgages and mortgage origination companies are not the same, and First Portland Mortgage Corp. in particular has stood the test of time.

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