I agree with the state allowing more people to be released from prison early after minor offenses. I would only like to suggest to Gov. LePage that if these people know they have a job when they get back home, all is well, but if they have no job, they should be mandated to report to the state unemployment office near where they live and sign up for job-searching assistance. There are lots of jobs out there, and, hopefully, a job this person can and would like to do.

Very importantly, if I were governor, I would give these people a letter of recommendation, which would state that they were a model prisoner and they deserve and earned early release. I hope that would help employers identify good people who deserve work.

The timing could not be any better for the vast majority of those released to get a job, at least in southern Maine. The state should do everything possible to help those people get employment. That is the key issue.

Bill Perreault


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