Ethan Strimling wants a citizen task force to define his powers as mayor. Where have we heard this lament before?

Oh, yeah, from Strimling, who seems to think he’s more important than his job, as defined by the city charter.

First, it was a conflict with the city manager, resulting in expensive consultants, costing thousands of dollars, in order to knock him down a peg or two. Then, it was his desperate need for a highly paid assistant. Again, just to gild the lily of his largely ceremonial, hack position. Then, after the City Council eliminated the wasteful funding for that, Strimling had another temper tantrum, threatening to veto the annual budget, as submitted by the council.

Now, His Highness wants to seat a citizen task force, no doubt stacked with his “progressive” supporters, in order to … again … review what his role should be as mayor.

Oops! Did I forget that he recently whined about wanting a raise in pay, for his baby-kissing, ribbon-cutting, thinking-of-new-ways-to-spend-our-tax-dollars position?

I suggest that Mr. Strimling do us all a favor and resign. Perhaps he can return to New York, where his … errr … talents would be more appreciated.

Dennis Gervais