NAPLES — Doug Mayo is a busy guy.

The Lake Region High School senior has successfully juggled being a three-sport athlete, involvement in student leadership and his schoolwork. He’ll graduate third in his class of about 90 students on Sunday, June 11, at the high school.

Mayo, 18, lives in Bridgton and is the son of Lake Region High School teachers. His father John teaches business management, and his mother Amy teaches chemistry. John is also the school’s basketball coach.

Along with playing soccer and basketball and running track, Doug Mayo is the president of the school’s National Honor Society and the senior class treasurer.

“You just have to find time, whether it be late at night or during the school day, just finding time to do the school work, and then focusing one one thing at a time,” Mayo said about balancing his many athletic and academic commitments.

Mayo has been a three-sport varsity athlete since sophomore year, when he picked up track to keep in shape for soccer and basketball. He’s a captain and defender on the soccer team, forward on the basketball team, and runs the 800 meter on the track team.

He finds track to be the most challenging “because it’s just running. You have to find the motivation to get out there and run every day. In every other sport, running is a punishment.”

“I prefer the team sports, but you still get that team aspect with track because everyone’s out there encouraging you,” Mayo continued.

His favorite sport is basketball, which provided the highlight of his high school career when Lake Region won the Class B State Championship last year.

“It was cool to see the whole school come together,” Mayo said about the crowd of students that made the trip up to Bangor for the state title game.

After the thrill of victory came the challenge of trying to repeat. The team lost 11 seniors after last year’s graduation, and as one of the few remaining members from the year before, Mayo says that this year’s team had an uphill climb after losing all of that experience.

“We grew as a team,” Mayo said. “By the end, we figured it out, we came together as a team.”

The Lakers ended up with a respectable nine wins and nine losses during the regular season, and ultimately fell to Gray-New Gloucester in a preliminary playoff game.

Mayo has had his father as a basketball coach and both parents as teachers, taking chemistry with his mother junior year and accounting with his father senior year. He says that there are more benefits than negatives in having your parents as teachers, but joked that he couldn’t slack off at school.

“They always knew when I had work due, so they pushed me to do it,” Mayo explained. “If not, they’d find me during the day, and I’d hear it from them.”

Mayo, whose favorite subject is science, plans to attend the University of Maine-Orono and study mechanical engineering.

At Sunday’s graduation, Mayo will be giving a speech as the No. 3 student in the class. When asked what advice he has for younger students, he said to take things one step at a time and seize opportunities.

“Take the opportunities that you have in front of you,” Mayo offered. “You’ll regret not taking them, but you won’t regret taking them.”

As for his thoughts on leadership?

“Just lead by example,” Mayo said.

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Lake Region Senior Doug Mayo during a December 2016 basketball game against Traip Academy. Mayo will graduate third in his class on Sunday, June 11.

Lake Region High School senior Doug Mayo stands in front of the state championship trophy that he and the 2016 basketball team brought home last year.