In Paul LePage’s first term as governor, he was already grinding the gears to cut Medicaid for Mainers (known as MaineCare), according to an article in The New York Times from back in 2011 (“Medicaid cuts are part of a larger battle in Maine“).

Today, LePage’s and then-Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew’s proposed restriction on Mainers trying to receive Medicaid (MaineCare) is detrimental not only to the poor but to the entire state as well. If the federal government approves these restrictions, then poor people will have less access to health care and would also cost the state more money.

LePage seems blinded by his Republican viewpoint into not using taxpayers’ money for the good of the people of Maine. Because of this, thousands of Mainers die from diseases and addictions, such as opioid addiction, because they don’t have access to insurance for treatment. All because people like LePage and Mayhew don’t want to use tax dollars for what they were intended to be used for: us.

Christina Scenna


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