As a self-employed small-business owner in Maine, one of my largest concerns is securing affordable health insurance. I am vehemently against repealing the existing Affordable Care Act.

I, along with many other Mainers, implore Sen. Susan Collins to think about the fate of our state when making this crucial decision. Any changes to the ACA – unless they would improve it and, therefore, cover more people – would be a disaster for our state and our country.

Before the ACA, my premiums were more than double what they are now, and my deductible was $12,000, effectively making it unreasonably expensive for me to receive care of any kind. If the ACA were to be repealed or altered in any way, I am quite certain I would have to shut down my business and go back to seeking employment somewhere with a benefits package.

This coverage makes it possible for me to run my own business, adding to the already rich small-business community in our state. Having insurance through the ACA allows me to achieve my business goals and dedicate the personal time I have left over to enriching my community. I urge Sen. Collins to advocate on behalf of all Mainers and to keep the ACA intact.

Michelle Low