I have just finished reading the article in the June 9 paper (“Attempt to bypass LePage on senior housing blocked,” Page B1) that reported that Republican members of the Maine House decided to side with Gov. Le-Page and continue to hold for political ransom the senior housing bond that Maine voters overwhelmingly approved in 2015.

My question is: “How can these Republican House members sleep at night, knowing that this money has been approved and that the number of seniors who are being affected by this are now left out in the cold – literally – by what appears to be an uncaring political system?”

Hats off to the Senate Republicans, along with the Senate Democrats, who were able to work together to do their best to provide a much-needed service for the many elderly in our state who are very vulnerable.

It is a very sad state of affairs when the people who have been elected to serve the people have forgotten why they are there. I hope that they can get back to working for the people they serve.

Glenis Elliott

West Bath