It is Time for our Country to Come Together … Now!

The devastating shooting in Alexandria, Virginia must become a uniting event for our country and its leaders. When I heard about the shooting, I did not think about whether the people injured were Republicans or Democrats. They were Americans. Now the entire House, Senate and our country are pulling for House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and three other people who were injured. We were reminded today that life is fragile and too important to waste fighting over partisan issues. We have a great country … and, together, we can make it better. This is a time to unify to address the serious issues facing our country. To make sense of this tragedy Congress needs to use the best and brightest minds available and address several very important issues, including:

• Determine what the Russians did to disrupt our election and do whatever is necessary so we are protected in the future. Our election system is one of, if not, the most important aspect of our democracy. Now the Russians reportedly have the means to control certain power grids. Imagine losing power in Florida during July or here in Maine during February. This is priority one.

• Create a health care system that takes care of those in need and provides affordable care…not just access…to all Americans. This means all ages, all income levels, and the seriously ill.

• Rebuild the critical relationships with our allies that have been badly damaged in recent months. We then need to regain their trust and reestablish leadership in the world , in NATO and in addressing global warming.

• The president must become a leader and bring our country together. If he is not able to accomplish that, you have an important decision to make in the best interest of our country, not your parties.

This shooting was a horrific event and we all should be concerned about this type of attack on our country and our system of government. May God be with the injured to nourish them back to health and guide our leaders to bring our country together in a way that disregards party and focuses on all people in this great country.

Glenn Michaels,


The Cult of Trump

Trump is a charismatic cult leader. He is adored and followed without reason. He has contempt for the members of his cult but is bound to them by his need for complete power and adulation. He would be unimportant were he not POTUS.

Trump’s rise has sprung from the fear, anger and greed that run rampant in the world. When those emotions become rigidified through excess, reasoning undergoes a startling transformation. It shrivels and loses most of its function as a way of reducing confusion and doubt. Steeped in their dependency, cult members do the bidding of their leader automatically and without recourse to reason.

In the midst of the humor, ridicule and outrage at Trump’s recent Cabinet meeting, it would be a disaster not to notice that this is Trump, working obsessively to expand his cult.

Hubert Kauffman,