Once upon a time, there was Portland. But the town of Gorham is really where the fairy tale can be found. Let us begin.

Shawn Moody, owner of nine Maine auto body locations, is our hero. Yes, he is one of the most influential business persons in Maine. And he now is our hero in this fairy tale.

Mr. Moody just recently bought 62 acres of land that was a racetrack in Gorham; he bought the property from Hannaford. What will he do, and what will happen?

His purpose for the land will be this: There will be learning centers, for his co-workers and others. Yes. Commercial buildings will be built for this reason. There will be hiking trails for everyone, bicycle trails and parking. Yes, this is a vision that does not destroy beautiful Maine. Is this not a future for Maine’s precious land?

Sigh. On the other hand is Portland. Yes, with bad streets, no parking, problems with bicyclists and the homeless, just to bring up a few. There are no trees along the sidewalks, while historical buildings are left without concern and care. And this is just scratching the surface.

Now, let us go back to the hero of this tale. He regards himself as having not employees, but actually co-workers, as I mentioned above. The co-workers even enjoy profit sharing, which is really unheard of (except for L.L. Bean). This is just the beginning.

Kira Todd