In November, a referendum was passed in Maine that places a 3 percent surcharge on personal incomes over $200,000. Mainers thought they were doing the right thing for our state by funding education. However, I do not feel they were aware of the devastating impact the 3 percent tax would have on Maine’s future.

The reality is that the surcharge will create our nation’s highest tax rate at this income bracket.

I am a Realtor in the York County lakes region. My wife and I have, together, owned Exit Key Real Estate for nearly 50 years, and it concerns me that people will not want to move to Maine and that this tax will make Maine less competitive.

Investors and entrepreneurs will go out of state to avoid the tax, and that will adversely impact our economy as a whole. It’s also likely that new investors and entrepreneurs won’t come to Maine at all when they see how high the tax rate is.

Furthermore, taxing small-business owners will not fix any problems, and driving high-income earners out of the state won’t, either; both will only create new problems.

The Legislature must work together to find an alternative source to increase funding to education. I and many others want to see this surcharge repealed.

Elias Thomas