I read with interest the recent story about the $51 million the feds are demanding back from Maine. The Le-Page administration had been improperly spending the money since it was discovered that patients at Riverview Psychiatric Center were mistreated.

Gov. LePage is pointing the finger of blame away from his administration (including longtime Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew and Ricker Hamilton, who managed and directed Riverview).

I only have two questions:

How stupid do LePage and Mayhew (now a Republican candidate for governor) think Mainers are, as they try to make us believe that the stun-gunning and physical abuse of patients at Riverview – resulting in its decertification and the loss of the federal funding – was the fault of either the Democrats or legislators, not Mayhew and current Acting DHHS Commissioner Hamilton?

 Why weren’t Mayhew and Hamilton fired and subsequently sued by either the patients or the state?

Patrick Eisenhart

Democratic candidate for governor


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