Tyler Cann

Tyler Cann

BARNSTEAD, N.H. —Police in New Hampshire say that a Sanford man allegedly crashed a car, broke into a couple of houses, and tried to steal several modes of transportation before police caught up with him in a swamp Sunday.

They then administered Narcan to Tyler Cann, 24, after  they began to see signs of an overdose and he allegedly admitted he had taken fentanyl, said Police Cjhief Paul Poirer of Barnstead, New Hampshire.

Poirer said they took Cann to Lakes Region General Hospital for treatment before taking him to jail.

Cann is held at Belknap County Jail on $10,000 cash bail in connection with a number of felonies and misdemeanor charges from burglary to drug possession and theft — 10 at last count, but police say they expect more charges may be coming.



His alleged burglary spree began the previous day, Poirier related in a telephone interview Tuesday.

“On Saturday night he apparently crashed a car not far from our town line and dumped the car in Barnstead, said Poirier. “He decided to to break into a couple of houses and help himself to electronics. He tried to steal a motorcycle, but he couldn’t get it started; he stole stole a kayak and some poor girl’s bike and a guy’s truck. Reports are still coming in.”

The police chief said eight to 10 law enforcement officers from Barnstead, Alton, Pittsfield, Gilmanton, and New Hampshire State Police searched for Cann on Sunday after a local man said he found someone sitting in the cab of his dump truck.

“We were taking a burglary report up the road and while the officer was taking the report, this man found this guy in the vehicle,” said Poirier. “He took off into the woods and the guy chased him. Our officers joined in and set out a K9 track, but we couldn’t find him right away. A little while later we saw him walking, chased him into the woods and into a swamp.”

The police chief said officers found needles in Cann’s possession, one filled with what they believe to be fentanyl. 

Cann was arrested in Maine in December on charges of eluding an officer and and reckless conduct after he allegedly drove at high speeds while trying to evade a Maine State Police trooper in Waterboro. He was arrested in Sanford 10 days later. Records show he was released from York County Jail in March on personal recognizance bail.

Barnstead officials say that in addition to being charged as a fugitive from justice, Cann was charged  with possession of narcotics, felony burglary, two counts of attempted theft of a motor vehicle and theft of a laptop computer, all felony charges, as well as misdemeanor resisting arrest and five misdemeanor counts of theft.

Police are still investigating and additional charges may be forthcoming in Barnstead and other jurisdictions.

Barnstead has a number of summer residents, Poirier noted.

“I hate to think people coming up and finding (they summer camps) burglarized,” he said. “That’s yet to be seen.”

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