President Trump’s decision to renounce our commitment to the Paris climate accord is dangerous, reckless, irresponsible and downright stupid.

It goes against the will of the American people – polls show a majority favor actions to reduce the effects and severity of global warming – and against an overwhelming consensus of world scientists. It also abnegates our role as a world leader in science and technology. The decision is universally condemned by everyone except for a small, loyal band of followers and certain political leaders whom he appears hell-bent on placating, regardless of the consequences.

Yet we must not let our anger paralyze our will to take action. We can channel our disappointment and show the world that we Americans do care about our fragile planet and its vulnerable populations by initiating actions on the local and state levels and as families and individuals. We can support businesses and corporations that are already doing the right thing, thereby encouraging the rest to follow suit.

We must tell state and local leaders that we expect bold leadership: developing more energy efficiency in heating and cooling buildings and transportation, changing to renewable energy sources, and finding ways to ameliorate the clearly evident impacts of global warming already affecting our environment and wildlife, even our fisheries and our health – such as causing disease-bearing tick populations to spread.

Equally important, we can take steps ourselves: Choose more energy-efficient cars and trucks, obtain energy audits and weatherize homes, install solar energy collectors, purchase energy-efficient appliances – the list is almost endless.

Concern about global warming is not an issue of an “interest group,” as Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt stated. Addressing the issue is a concern for all Americans, for the sake of all generations to come.

David Ramsay

South Berwick