More details have emerged about the 14-year-old from New Hampshire accused of stealing multiple cars and breaking into camps in Franklin and Waldo counties while trying to evade authorities.

The teenager was arrested Tuesday by the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office, which, along with the Farmington Police Department, charged him with multiple felony and misdemeanor offenses stemming from the car thefts and break-ins.

The series of incidents began last Friday, when a school in New Hampshire called the Waldo County dispatch center, according to a statement from Chief Deputy Jason Trundy of the Waldo sheriff’s office. The school reported that two boys had run away and stolen a car from a nearby town, Trundy said. It was believed that they were traveling to Mary Ordway Road in Liberty, where a relative of one of the boys lives.

Cpl. Greg Jones and Deputy Wiley McVety went to the home, found the two boys and returned them to New Hampshire.

On Monday, Farmington police contacted the Waldo sheriff’s office about a series of car thefts that had occurred in and around Farmington. The suspect had crashed a car stolen from New Hampshire in New Vineyard and stolen another vehicle to get away. He crashed that car on Fairbanks Road and yet stole another, which he abandoned on Temple Road.

The sheriff’s office learned that the New Hampshire teenager had run away again and was a suspect in the car thefts, Trundy said. Jones went back to the home in Liberty and found the teenager, who ran into the woods when he saw police.

Deputies from the sheriff’s office searched into the night and again in the morning, but did not find him until Tuesday with the help of a Belfast police officer and his K-9 dog.

The sheriff’s office said it determined during its investigation that the boy had broken into “at least three separate camps,” stealing various items and damaging the buildings.

Farmington police later charged him with one felony and eight misdemeanors.

The teenager was taken to the Mountain View Juvenile Detention Center in Charleston.

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