In response to your coverage of the health care debate in Washington, I wanted to share my story, since Medicaid plays a key role in my toddler’s life.

My child was born on Medicaid. This has covered the expensive and nearly constant wellness checkups, vaccinations and any unpredictable problems that have arisen – all while allowing us to keep the same doctor.

Recently there was concern about my toddler’s lack of weight gain. With Medicaid, we – without a second’s thought – signed off on a battery of tests to find the source of the problem.

This has taken so much stress off us as parents. I can only imagine what the situation would have been if we would have had to either pay for all those tests out of pocket, or decide not to do the tests and stay up nights worrying.

Proposals to slash Medicaid for millions of our nation’s children don’t just affect the kids, they also affect entire families and communities.

My story is not special or unique. Many parents rely on Medicaid to keep their children safe and healthy, to keep their mind at ease and to keep their family strong. I hope Congress understands the importance of Medicaid to millions of children in Maine and across this country.

Clara Moore


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