The city of Portland will increase its hourly fee for parking meters effective this coming weekend.

In a special notice dated June 22, the city tweeted: “Heads up for July 1. New parking rates effective July 1, 2017. As of July 1st parking meters increase from $1 an hour to $1.25 an hour.”

There is no explanation on Twitter or on the city’s website as to why the city decided to boost fees or how the additional revenues will be used.

Under the current metering system 25 cents buys a parker 15 minutes, but that will change under the new parking meter system.

In a response to people with questions about the fee increase, the city replied on Twitter that 15 minutes will now cost 30 cents. New rates are three minutes for the first nickel, two minutes for the second nickel, five minutes for each dime, and 12 minutes for each quarter.

The city gives parkers the option, at most meters, of paying with change or a credit card, though some of the older meters only accept change.

“Be very careful that the extra 25 cents you pay goes to infrastructure and not into wealthy people’s pockets,” Chris Gamarsh tweeted.

“Ugh lame,” Jackie Gonzalez tweeted.

The city’s spokeswoman could not be reached for comment Sunday night.


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