As a 12-year-old King Middle School student who lives in Portland, I was very disappointed that an overwhelming majority of the students featured in the Prom 2017 pictures in the Maine Sunday Telegram’s June 4 print edition (Pages E7-E8) were white, and only two black students were pictured.

In so many ways, the Portland Press Herald represents the diverse community of Portland and southern Maine. Yet when it fails to showcase our community as it is, a diverse place, it reflects poorly upon all of us.

It is especially important at this time in history to present diversity as something positive. Therefore, while I like the idea of devoting a page and a half to prom pictures, if I had to choose whether these pictures in your newspaper presented diversity as positive or negative, I would have to choose negative.

This disappoints me beyond words, and I hope that this mistake will not be repeated by the Portland Press Herald.

Mali O.B. Jones