WESTBROOK — Starting Friday, Mast Landing Brewing Company will no longer be the only brewery in Westbrook, and the owners are OK with that.

Yes Brewing, located at 609 Main St. behind Mister Bagel, will open its doors at 3:30 p.m. June 30, and a ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at 4. Regular hours will be Fridays and Saturdays from 2-8 p.m., with the intention to be open more days in the future.

“We wanted to tap a new market and build a new beer community,” said Yes Brewing co-owner Cameron Ingrahim of Portland. “Westbrook was the perfect place for that.”

Parker Olen, the marketing director and co-owner of Mast Landing, which opened in the city in 2015, agreed and said it’s good for business to have other breweries nearby.

“I think that when there are several breweries within a short distance of each other it helps create a destination for people to come and try multiple breweries,” Olen said. “It’s not a competition.”

Ingrahim said it’d be great to see other breweries come to Westbrook.

“We want to build a brewing community like Portland has, but outside of Portland,” he said.

Having multiple breweries in close proximity is a positive thing, Olen said, because it allows the businesses to support each other.

“It’s great to have other breweries in the area to work with and collaborate with,” he said.

Mast Landing and Yes Brewing don’t have immediate collaboration plans, but Olen said his team is looking forward to trying Yes beers. Yes Brewing will start with four beers on tap, most of which won’t have typical flavors.

“Our whole angle is to brew normal brew styles with out of the box ingredients to keep things interesting,” Ingrahim said. “We like interesting beers so we wanted to reflect that here.”

While the brewery will have a standard double dry hopped pale ale, it will also serve a pineapple mosaic Berliner Weisse, a jalapeno pale ale and a mint IPA (India Pale Ale). Customers can purchase five- and 10-ounce pours as well as growlers to take home.

“It’s not just creating a ‘wow factor’ for customers, it’s about pushing the limits of what’s been done before,” Ingrahim said.

He said the selection of beers will definitely grow over time.

“One of our main goals is to build our sours,” he said. “All of us are huge sour guys.”

In addition to Ingrahim, Yes Brewing is owned by John Bigelow, of Portland, and brothers Brady and Troy Frost. No additional employees will be hired to start, but Ingrahim said they hope to build a larger team in the future.

Ingrahim said they all enjoy experimenting with beers and coming up with new creations, which he and Bigelow have been doing for a number of years in their own homes. Scaling up production has been a challenge, though, Ingrahim said.

“Our system is a glorified home brewing system,” he said.

The team also built up the space themselves by constructing the bar tops and other setups without contracting the work out. 

“That’s part of the charm, but it’s also why this has been slow going,” Ingrahim said.

Yes Brewing received final approval from the Westbrook Planning Board in October. Ingrahim said they signed the lease on the 2,400-square-foot space in November.

Ingrahim said he and the other owners have been working around the clock, and around their day jobs, to get the brewery and tasting room ready. He said he’s excited that it will be open soon.

“It’s finally the calm before the storm,” he said. “We’re just logistically and mentally getting ready now.”

The space, which looks like a large garage, has an open floor plan with a bar along the back wall and brewing equipment to one side of the space. Customers will be able to hang out in the middle area of the space as well as in an adjacent tasting room.

Ingrahim said he hopes customers embrace the laid-back feel of the brewery.

“It’s a super industrial vibe, but we’re piecing it together as we go,” he said. “We like to keep things fun and we’re obviously serious about beer, but we want to create a fun environment.”

Kate Gardner can be reached at 781-3661 ext. 125 or [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter: @katevgardner.

Yes Brewing, co-owned by John Bigelow, left, and Cameron Ingrahim, will open June 30 at 609 Main St. in Westbrook.

Yes Brewing co-owner Cameron Ingrahim said he hopes the brewery becomes known for its unusual beer flavors, such as pineapple, jalapeno and mint.

Yes Brewing, which will open June 30, will be Westbrook’s second brewery and tasting room.

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