If people can break a law or abuse its intentions but not face any real consequence for doing so, what is the point of that law? It’s particularly concerning if large companies get away with such actions, especially surrounding the laws that are meant to help increase the availability of lower-priced prescription medications.

It’s not all bad news, though, as I was glad to find out. A bill before the Maine Legislature – L.D. 1280, An Act Regarding Generic Drug Pricing – would add some teeth to the enforcement of the federal law that requires drug companies to share samples with generic-drug companies that want to bring a drug to market after the brand-name company’s patent protection has expired. Without that enforcement provision available, large drug companies can delay providing samples to generic companies, and in doing so make it harder for affordable prescription medications to get to market.

For the sake of all Mainers who need prescription medications in order to stay healthy, I hope this legislation passes.

Kim Fischer