President Trump tweeted that he does not have any tapes of his conversation with former FBI Director James Comey, laying to rest the recent controversy over White House audio recordings and their possible use in any ongoing investigation (“Turns out Trump has no Comey tapes,” Page A3, June 23).

This whole issue was, in part, a result of a June 11 request by Susan Collins, Maine U.S. senator and Senate Intelligence Committee member, for any alleged White House tapes. A follow-up commentary took up where Sen. Collins left off, further publicizing and inflaming the issue (“Maine Voices: Forty-five years after Watergate, tapes have special meaning,” Page A6, June 17).

It was truly disheartening to see Sen. Collins take one of President Trump’s admittedly rash, careless and vague comments and help turn it into a major, fortunately brief, issue. The recklessness of Sen. Collins just plays into the hands of those whose objective is to discredit, and hobble, the presidency of Donald Trump.

Bob Casimiro