In Monday’s Press Herald, I read a Maine Voices column by Joshua Gear, a doctor from York, who mentions the Senate version of a new health care bill that was “crafted in secret by 13 hand-picked, older white men.”

In the same edition, I read a letter from Mali O.B. Jones, a student at King Middle School in Portland, concerning the fact that the “overwhelming majority” of the students in published prom pictures were white.

Why does race matter in any of this? What difference would it make if the 13 senators were black and the majority of the students were Latino?

Don’t we have enough racial divisiveness in this country without you constantly printing pieces denigrating white people?

If the comments made by both of your readers had denigrated blacks, Latinos or any other race, you probably wouldn’t have printed either submission or you would have said that they were racist attacks.

In conclusion, Maine, like most northern-tier states, is mainly white. Therefore, the majority of the graduating classes are the same.

You and your subscribers should also remember there is nothing wrong with being white.

Jon Spinner